3V3 Buck Boost Regulator breakout (TPS63031, great for 1-Cell Lithium)

TPS63031 High Efficient Single Inductor Buck-Boost Converter with 1-A Switches

1 x 0603 0.1uF cap, 3 x 0805 10uF cap, 4 x 2.54mm Pinheaders, 1 x LPS3015 1.5uH power inductor. Good for 3.3V from single lithium cell, roughly the same size as a TO-220, caps included…

Capacitor selection

For the input and output capacitors just choose a decent 0805 X7R ceramic, 6.3V minimum. Same goed for the 0.1uF bypass capacitor, 0603 X7R 6.3V minimum.

Note that this design disables powersaving mode by pulling PS/SYNC high through VinA. An upcoming revision will break out this pin.