3A USB powerbank with GPS/SD datalogger

Update 03/09/15: Realised I had made a couple of mistakes or suffered a few oversights, so, no fab for this, ifidosaysomyself sweet looking board, at least until I figure out how to fix it without too much of a hassle:

  1. The LTC4150 Gas Gauge is μC interrupt based, so no standalone, relying too much on my max 100.000 cycle Atmega644 EEPROM. Other less fatiguing IC options are available (LTC2943?)
  2. The LT3652 multicell MPPT Lithium charger maxxes out at 2A charge rate, with a planned 30.000mAh battery pack, it’s just not going to cut it… 15hrs charge time excluding charge rate tapering… Still, a sweet ‘n simple MPPT charging IC though. Forget Solar MPPT, nice idea but unpractical for the massive-powerbank-minded. Hope to implement it in a less bulky bit of kit in the future (2-axis solar tracking, 3 x 750mA panel, collapsible, 10.000mAh travel powerbank?). On a side note: What is this graphene malarkey i’ve been hearing about…
  3. No powerpath management. Must. read. more. Stackexchange: Link
  4. No cell balancing. Some experience with multicell charging lead me to believe balancing, with well selected cells, is not necessary… Wrong.