TPS25810 breakout, USB type-C DFP controller + BC1.2 charge controller

TPS25810 IC description

(Manufacturer product page)

USB Type-C Rev 1.2 DFP Controller and Power Switch With Load Detection

Turn any 5V 1.5A or 3A power supply into a USB type-C DFP power delivery port with this breakout. Connector attach/detach detect; Fault output (detects current limit or overtemp); Selectable STD, 1.5A or 3A current advertisement; AUX voltage regulator on board (always on, handy for attach detect, wake IC). Includes BC1.2 USB controller. Includes all logic pullup resistors. Perfect for powerbank use. Untested.

If planning on ordering the OSHpark board linked below, go for the 0.8mm thickness pcb service. The pins on the type-C receptacle are very short and will not fit a 1.6mm board.

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