USB 3.0 Breakout + TPS2514 Charge controller, charge phone @ max-rate!

A tiny 25 x 14mm simple breakout board for a USB 3.0 receptacle and 5V/GND screw terminals.

The board includes a footprint for a Texas Instruments TPS2514 USB charge controller IC (takes care of low or high current charge USB D+ D- handshake). The controller is configured for a 10W charger application (DM-pin routed to D- and DP-pin to D+). Just connect the board to a 5V power supply (10W minimum) using the screw terminals and attach your phone to the USB receptacle, hey presto! 2A charging! All relevant pins have been broken out spaced at a breadboard friendly 2.54mm. TX and RX traces have not been paired, but breadboarding USB would ruin any pairing anyway…  🙂

(TPS2514 conforms to most widely used handshake voltage schemas but results can vary… Unit has been tested on an iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4, Samsung Galaxy S4)